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Traffic Sources (free)

After successfully creating your website, the next goal is to generate traffic. No matter how good your products are, no matter how beautifully designed and visually appealing your website is, if you cannot drive traffic towards it, you will fail. Thus, the most important thing to succeed in online business is to have an airtight strategy to build traffic and let online visitors see your website.

There are two types of traffic sources. The first one, which will be discussed on this chapter, is the organic source or the free source. The next source is paid traffic. Which one is better? Both of them are important. They both present certain advantages. You need to have these two strategies work hand in hand to effectively capture your market, drive huge traffic and succeed in online business.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

When people look for something online, they usually go to search engines like Google and Yahoo to find it. As Internet marketer, your main goal is to put your website on top of the search list whenever they search for something related to what you offer. For example, if your business is about weight loss, your main goal is to make your website appears on top of the search list, or at least on its first page, whenever people search for anything related to fitness and weight loss. When your website ranks higher on the search list, the chance of getting visited is higher. Thus, you can generate better traffic, better engagement, and more chances of doing business with these visitors. Below are some of the techniques you can use to optimize your website and make it search engine friendly.

Content Marketing (Keywords). Search engines use a search algorithm to index your website. Meaning, they scan the contents of many different websites and mark them based on their type, such as sports, education, health, business, etc. The website that provides the most useful contents will be ranked higher on the search list. Hence, whenever someone searches for the latest news, they would usually find CNN, BBC, New York Times and Fox News.

To get your website recognized as a legitimate source of useful information, you should fill it with contents that are related to your business. You can make a “latest news” section or a “blog section” on your website. Put some valuable contents, tips and videos there regularly. That way, search engines will distinguish you as a genuine source of useful information.

You also need to spread keywords in your articles that best describe your business. For example, if your business is about basketball training, your article must feature the phrase “basketball training” several times. Whenever you publish new articles, always include and describe that phrase. If you could do it regularly, the search engine can effectively index you. Thus, whenever someone searches for keywords “basketball” and “training”, your website will appear on top of the search engine because it provides the most relevant content. Your chances of getting visited will increase significantly.

Guest blogging. Another way to optimize your website is to write articles to more established sites that are related to you. Since these websites are already established, they already have a continuous flow of traffic. To take advantage of that traffic, you may ask the website owners to write a blog post to benefit their audience. In exchange, they will allow you to post a link to your website. Therefore, there is a big probability that anyone who reads your blog post would click your link and visit your site.

Moreover, guest blogging would help you increase your search ranking. Since you are writing relevant topics and posting your link to many established websites, the search engine will boost your ranking because of your affiliation to these websites.

Just make sure to provide well-written and useful contents. Websites that allow guest blogging are usually strict. Of course, they do not want to compromise the integrity of their website and alienate their own audience. Therefore, they only allow guest writers who can write valuable contents.

Social media pages. Social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ allow you to create a business page for free. Having a social media page for your business can add a significant boost to your search engine ranking. You can take advantage of the name and the traffic that these huge social networking sites generate. More importantly, you can easily reach to its members for free. You may request your friends and acquaintance to “like” your social media page and share them to their own friends.