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The system that you need to build a massive list of right customers

You now have a better understanding on how you can effectively ask for your prospects to join your mailing list by offering free stuff and eventually sell them your products or services. This chapter will discuss the system and the tools that you will need to be able to capture those leads efficiently with very minimal effort.

Once the system is up and running, all of the activities will be automated. The system will automatically capture your prospect’s name and email address. It will then give your prospect the free stuff that you promised in exchanged for their contact information. If you have a series of free stuff to give away, the system can also do that. Ultimately, if your prospect is ready to purchase your products, it can immediately go to your storefront to buy. It is a seamless chain that could let you earn income on a consistent basis.


If you are venturing into a business online, the first thing that you need to build is a website. This is your “establishment”, your store. Whatever you put in your website will directly reflect on you and your business. Hence, it is important that you put good stuff on your website.

A good website is one where there is valuable information available for the visitors. Regular blog posts are important as these will update your visitors on the latest happening or the latest trend in your business and in the industry you belong to.

WordPress.org is the best blogging tool to use for your website. The good thing is it is free. You can choose from hundreds of beautiful templates that fit your business image.

Web Hosting Company

If you build your website using WordPress.org and you use a company name for your blog like Internet Consultancy, the domain name or the website will appear like internetconsultancy.wordpress.com. While there is nothing wrong with that, it will be better if your domain name would look more professional and legitimate like www.xyzcompany.com. To make your domain name like the latter, you need to purchase that from a web hosting company.

A web host is a company that gives you your desired domain name. They usually work well with WordPress, making customization easier. A good web host can also make a visit on your website a good experience as they speed up the download process because they house your website in their own servers.

There are a lot of great web hosting companies out there like BlueHost, HostGator, Go Daddy, FatCow, Just Hosts, among others. They usually charge a minimal fee for a basic package ranging from $3-$10 per month.

E-mail Marketing Service Provider

You already have a website running. It has great design and content. But how do you capture your visitors’ contact details and build an effective marketing leads for your business? You need an e-mail marketing service provider to run your campaign and give away free stuff.

This e-mail marketing service is very helpful and powerful if used properly in your online business. What it does is it provides you a customizable subscription forms. You can elect to ask for your visitor’s name, e-mail address and even contact details in exchange for your free stuff. Once they put their details, they will automatically capture it and build you a growing list of subscribers. Then, it will simultaneously send the free stuff to your subscriber’s given e-mail address. Moreover, you can set it up so it will send a sequence of e-mails and marketing campaigns at a predetermined time.

Some of the most popular e-mail marketing service providers are AWeber, Benchmark Email, Constant Contact, and Get Response. They usually charge between $10 and $20 per month for the service.