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The Bribe

Now that you generate enough traffic going to your website, the next thing to do is to lock this traffic and not put it to waste. Usually, when your visitors check your site, they will try to look around and browse for certain stuff that they may be interested in. Most of the time, they will not immediately buy. Thus, you need to lock them for future business.

To capture your visitors, you must try to persuade them to give their contact details. It is important so you could reach for them in the future. Research shows that most of the sales happen during the succeeding engagements. Hence, you must be able to get, at least, their email address.

However, most online visitors are skeptical to give out their contact information because trust has yet to be established. To overcome that barrier, you must give them something for free, something that they can use, something that would prove that you can get the job done and that it’s worth to do business with you. You need to offer them a bribe!

A bribe can be a free PDF report, a free eBook, a series of educational videos or just a plain discount. Make sure that what you give will speak very positively of your business. Once they realized that you are offering a really fantastic product, they will be the one to contact you to make a purchase.

Give out any of these bribes in exchange for their email address. You can use several email marketing applications like Aweber to capture your prospect’s email address. Once they give out their contact details, you can send them a link or a downloadable file to get their bribe.

You can also run a series of email marketing campaign using email marketing applications to increase engagement and the probability of making sales.