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Call for action- choosing your free stuff carefully

This chapter will discuss about the free stuff that you would give away in exchange for your visitor’s name and e-mail address. It is discussed earlier that you need to immediately establish to your prospects that your business or website is a genuine entity and that you are there to help them achieve whatever goal they desire.

Asking for your visitor’s name and e-mail address is a bit intrusive. No one is really comfortable giving up personal details like name and e-mail address. Another thing is they are fed up with a lot of spammers who take up a huge space in their e-mail, causing chaos and confusion. Hence, you need to eloquently ask for their personal details. It has to be in a manner that is not intrusive and beneficial to them.

It is called “call for action”. Simply put, it is a brilliant way to encourage your visitors to give up their details in exchange for a free stuff that are truly valuable and beneficial to them. If done correctly, you would find your mailing list filling up each day, providing you with a massive list to work on. Additionally, since you already gave them a glimpse of what you offer and they actually like it, you can effectively sell them your full-blown products and services for a fee. Not only will they buy from you, they will also refer lots of future customers because you have built massive goodwill for yourself.

Choosing your giveaways carefully

You should be aware, though, that you cannot just give free stuff thinking that it will automatically convert to leads and future customers. You should put careful thought on the things and contents that you put out there. First, it has to be absolutely related to your business. Putting something out there that is totally not in sync with what you stand for is a waste of time. Your audience will not appreciate it.

Second, it has to be truly beneficial to your audience. These people have a very short attention span. You may catch them with your free offer, but once they find out that its contents are meaningless and you actually wasted their time, you would lose them forever.

Lastly, you understand that these people have very short attention span. Hence, you need to come up with awesome contents that will truly grab their attention. Otherwise, they will just move on to another website with much interesting content.


Types of free stuff

If your business is technical in nature, like stock investing, real estate, or software computing, it is perfect to give away free stuff in the form of graphical reports. Since it is technical in nature, they need to look for the content a few times to absorb it. The report format is perfect for that. Another thing is the use of graphics. Graphical presentation makes the report easier to the eyes.

If you are in the business of consulting, the best giveaway is to provide a series of videos. Videos are the best way to educate your audience. You can easily convey the benefits of your service through this setup.

If you deal with tangible products like clothing, cosmetics, and shoes, it is best to give them high quality pictures showing how they can benefit by purchasing your product. You can also offer discounts to build your email list.